CSI system seamlessly integrates security sub-systems including Extreme Low Light Cameras, a Digital Video Recorder, a Perimeter Fence Monitoring Intrusion Detection System, Outdoor Speakers, and an Outdoor Wireless Internet component to provide security within your defined perimeter in response to threats such as, but not limited to, trespassing, vandalism, and sabotage.

CSI offers state-of-the-art electronic security equipment, which is professionally chosen and installed, and has many financial and security benefits.

We offer professional evaluation of all current security procedures and security systems and the recommendation of cost efficient, time saving electronic security systems which can be added to your existing system (if one already exists) to bring you to an integrated level of control.

  • Detect motion
  • Video record
  • Sound alarm locally as well as transmit an alert to central security
  • Video and audio transmit real-time to cell phone, laptop, or central station
  • Transmit security personnel's verbal instructions to intruders to leave or warn of consequences
Easy transport to any site for short or long term with on board batteries providing 1 week of continuous sentry duty, or direct hook-up to 120V if available.
Ready to deploy with 4 corner legs capable of accommodating uneven ground. No tools or equipment needed everything is onboard. Total time for set-up for one man is 10 minutes.
With skirts down, stabilizer legs are extended. Skirts are locked to hide legs and tires.

No need to remove tires to prevent vandalism or theft.
Removable drawbar eliminates potential of hook & haul . Drawbar is secured inside trailer so next pick-up driver does not have to remember to bring with him.
5-Mast Raised
One-man mast raise after camera clicked in place.

eGuard Mobile is ready.

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