Complete Ready-To-Go System

Chavez Security Inc. offers a mobile video trailer for rent with up to date technology to capture activity around multiple scenario situations. Consider having peace of mind during events, large gatherings, construction sites, or any high crime rate area. The trailer has multiple 5 Megapixel cameras and one PTZ along with an NVR to record and transmit video to any mobile device or online PC. No need to buy cameras and spend large amounts of money. Let us take care of the setup and provide you with your temporary security needs at a reasonable rate.

Mobile Trailer Includes:

  • (3) Varifocal motorized cameras, 5 Megapixel/ Infrared
  • (1) PTZ motorized camera, 2 Megapixel
  • Network Video Recorder with 2 TB hard drive ( can be expanded )
  • Speaker to provide audio from offsite device ( vocal delivery – viewer can speak )
  • Verizon 4GLTE internet to broadcast video feed to Phone or PC offsite
  • Fully Secured and alarmed to deter any vandalism

Available for bi-weekly and monthly rentals. Call for pricing.