Make any room a safe room.

Chavez Security is the ONLY authorized dealer/installer of RhinoWare™ Door Barricade Systems in New Mexico. The ability to activate or deactivate the system in only a second with just a single touch makes it easy enough for a kindergardener to use.

Installing the RhinoWare™ Door Barricade System can turn any office, classroom, conference room, bathroom or even closet into a shelter-in-place location.

RhinoWare™ Door Barricade - There is nothing stronger.

RhinoWare™ Door Barricade Systems have been installed in schools, offices, casinos, and military installations all over the country.

The system is self contained, does not require power, and can be used in any size installation from a single door to an entire complex.

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KOB4 Coverage of RhinoWare Door Barricade Systems in Santa Fe Schools

Santa Fe school district will be first in the country to adopt new anti-intruder tech

KOB-TV Channel 4

See KOB4 coverage of the installation of RhinoWare™ Door Barricades in all Santa Fe Public School district classrooms. Read Article

Specifically developed after study of past active shooter incidents

Works on doors that open inward, outward, or both. Works on doors with or without a door knob

Strong and mechanical system that cannot be circumvented by cutting main power

Once engaged, can withstand several tons of direct sustained force

RhinoWare™ Tactical Breach Tool allows first responders and trusted on-site administrators to quickly and easily gain access to a room barricaded with RhinoWare™ Door Barricade System from the outside