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Chavez Security is an authorized dealer/installer of SALTO Systems. We offer this amazing product with the most up to date features of any access control on the market.

We use RFID technology as well as wireless technology to provide you with access control that is more cost effective, has a wider range of applications, and audit control capabilities to name a few.

World Class - SALTO access control products

SALTO access control solutions are in use worldwide in a never-ending range of challenging and unique applications and facilities.

Due to the scalability of the system, smaller projects can be realized as well as large installations in a variety of vertical markets.

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Unlike other companies, Salto is solely focused in RFID electronic access control - because it is all they do, their solutions are unrivalled in breadth and diversity.

Solutions for virtually every type of door, scalable up to as many as 64,000 doors, across multiple locations, for up to 4 million users - all on a single platform.

SVN is 100% data on card and more flexible than other semi data on card R&W systems.

Ability to operate multiple facilities from single / multiple workstations.

Compatibility with a wide range of RFID technologies (HID, DESFire, MIFARE, LEGIC).

Ability to pass from online without changing the software platform or product.

SALTO's modular design approach and wide range of finishes, handles, etc. enables bespoke / customized installations.